Simple Garden CBD Reviews

  • I absolutely loved this shop! Finally stopped in at Kessler and Michigan. The owner was so friendly and I loved his knowledge of the... Read More

    Layla A. Avatar
    Layla A.

    Our Mother had been in constant pain since being discharged from her last hospital visit. We were anxious to find something without a bunch of... Read More

    Uzo . Avatar
    Uzo .

    Our Mother had been in constant pain since being discharged from her last hospital visit. We were anxious to find something without a bunch of... Read More

    Uzo O. Avatar
    Uzo O.
  • Best CBD in the area

    Nathan R. Avatar
    Nathan R.

    Over a year ago I was diagnosed with chronic migraine. I found myself under the care of a neurologist and it was a constant... Read More

    Lily G. Avatar
    Lily G.

    Simple Garden has the best CBD products! My ultimate favorite has to be either the Tinture or the coffee and tea additive! Not only does... Read More

    Magdalen p. Avatar
    Magdalen p.
  • Simple garden CBD is amazingggggg. I've been a avid weed smoker for the last 20 years and decided to stop , but my anxiety was... Read More

    Blaci D. Avatar
    Blaci D.

    GO HERE NOW lol! Chris, Kurtis, Dominic & Tony will get you RIGHT!

    Lena H. Avatar
    Lena H.

    Great Staff Both Chris & Curtis Were Very Friendly And Personable, Aloud Me To Sample Their Products And Gave Great Advice!

    TaNeal M. Avatar
    TaNeal M.
  • Great product, great employees! I’ll be coming back often. Ask for Curtis, he’s the best!

    Caroline B. Avatar
    Caroline B.

    I've had an excellent experience with Simple Garden CBD and I recommend them. Their website is straightforward and easy to use. I've tried the 750... Read More

    A.J. C. Avatar
    A.J. C.

    Helping kick my tobacco habit wholly and responsibly. You guys are casually adding years to my life.

    Conner H. Avatar
    Conner H.
  • 5 star ratingI first went to Simple Garden CBD a month and a half ago due to extreme lower back pain that was preventing me from being... Read More

    Caitlin D. Avatar
    Caitlin D.

    Love the product and staff is amazing. Yesterday one of my close friends said my breath smelled like weed! But I've been clean thanks to... Read More

    Khaleel H. Avatar
    Khaleel H.

    5 star ratingThis is my newest favorite CBD Oil!! I recently tried their Vanilla CBD a health & wellness influencer I have become very selective about... Read More

    Jenny G. Avatar
    Jenny G.
  • My friend and I went in so she could get a new charger for her pipe and they helped me discover a healthier substitute to... Read More

    The B. Avatar
    The B.

    Stopped in on a whim and ended up leaving with a whole new setup. The customer service was amazing - he walked me through each... Read More

    Marley W. Avatar
    Marley W.

    I went in with my husband to get a new vape and to check out the CBD products. I got my tooth pulled the same... Read More

    Brylei C. Avatar
    Brylei C.
  • I began visiting the shop a couple months ago after an experience with a different brands CBD topical cream. I found Chris to a wealth... Read More

    Will Z. Avatar
    Will Z.

    Knowledgable and friendly staff. Great prices. I’d highly recommend them.

    Tiffany T. Avatar
    Tiffany T.

    Great experience! I've shopped around for CBD products on the web as well as other local stores and Simple Garden definitely takes the cake for... Read More

    Matt P. Avatar
    Matt P.
  • Simple Garden CBD changed four lives in my family at the same time. My father who is deep into the fight against a very aggressive... Read More

    Gilbert H. Avatar
    Gilbert H.

    Love the product's, love the staff, and I love how they are open to hearing out ideas on different types or styles of products.

    Darryl B. Avatar
    Darryl B.

    Absolutely love this product! I've taken many different CBD oils/tinctures over the past few years and Simple Garden CBD is one of the best! I'd... Read More

    Mcclimon Avatar
  • Amazing products! I decided to try them, and to be honest I was a little skeptic at first, but then I noticed improvements in my... Read More

    unicorn l. Avatar
    unicorn l.