Interested in selling premium Simple Garden products in your store(s)? Please click here.

Interested in selling premium Simple Garden products in your store(s)? Please click here.

There is a good chance that you have read and heard about CBD tinctures if you’ve invested a lot of time researching CBD products. Tinctures are preferred by many consumers over other forms of taking CBD as they are simple to use, convenient, and very natural. As a knowledge-driven consumer, it is important to learn more about tinctures and how to use them.


Tinctures: A Historical Perspective

Tinctures have a long and storied history. They were first used in Ancient Egypt more than 10 centuries ago. Egyptians were able to distill alcohol at this point in time, and discovered that distilled alcohol could be combined with plant material to improve preservation. As the development of plant-based medicines with distilled alcohol gained steam, tinctures were subsequently created.

Over the years, tinctures have retained their overall popularity. Those seeking to try tinctures can now avoid the hassle of making their own. Instead, they can simply find a trusted place like Simple Garden CBD to purchase a variety of CBD tinctures made using high-quality plant materials and time-tested methodologies.

Committed to product quality, Simple Garden CBD requires that every product we sell go through independent laboratory testing for purity and potency. This allows us to offer premium CBD tinctures and additional CBD products that customers can rely on. You will be able to choose from a wide range of CBD tinctures that have met our specific standards. This ultimately saves you valuable time, money, and a lot of research.


CBD Oil Tincture Ingredient Profile

Over time, newer production methods have come about, and occasionally additional ingredients have been added into the mix. Amidst growing product demand, some companies that produce tinctures now include other components of the hemp plant material that itself serves as the source of CBD in pure form. There are also those that prefer to solely use the CBD compound without added components, generating isolate CBD tinctures.

When evaluating the various CBD oil tinctures available on the market today, one thing is certain: at a bare minimum, all will include the CBD molecule itself as derived from the hemp plants. Many that use and produce CBD tinctures will contend though that there are additional hemp-derived ingredients that can and should be incorporated. This line of thought has resulted in the creation and sale of an array of CBD oil products. Some of these include full spectrum and broad-spectrum tinctures, which are swiftly expanding in popularity along with traditional isolate CBD oil tinctures.

You might also find the following ingredients in your CBD tincture:

  • MCT Oil – This is the most widely used “carrier oil”, responsible for providing the body the CBD compound in the most efficient way possible. It is also a derivative of coconut oil.
  • Terpenes – Fragrant oils that come from numerous plant species as well as a certain number of insects. Terpenes are what generate the particular flavors and smells that plants give off.
  • Flavonoids – These are metabolites found in hemp plants and many other plants.
  • Flavoring – As hemp itself tends to have a robust earthy flavor that may not be palatable for some, tinctures can have other flavors added (peppermint and lemon are often used among others).


How to Use CBD Oil Tinctures

As CBD tinctures are made through processes that transform extracted cannabinoids into potent CBD oils, a relatively modest dose is often sufficient. CBD tincture bottles frequently include measured droppers embedded into the caps themselves. This enables tincture pros and novices alike to take precise and consistent doses. With droppers, placing drops beneath the tongue (also known as sublingual) is thought of as an ideal method of taking the CBD oil tincture. Rather than swallowing the drops immediately, it is recommended to let them remain under the tongue for a period of time to help facilitate absorption.

In addition to placing the tincture under the tongue, you can also add it to many of your favorite foods and drinks:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Soups
  • Vegetables
  • Salads
  • Desserts

A lot of customers have found great CBD oil “concoctions” by adding it to their go-to foods and drinks. One popular combination is CBD oil added to chamomile tea.

We recommend that you make a list with your favorite comfort foods and the feelings they produce when you consume them. To see if CBD boosts your enjoyment, add in some of the tincture. As an example, if you often drink hot chocolate at night, you can mix in some CBD oil to see how it affects the overall experience.


Common Questions Regarding CBD Oil Tinctures

Our team has also put together an extensive frequently asked questions section for you, which answers some of the most common questions we get from customers regarding these tinctures.


Will I Find THC in the CBD Oil Tinctures Sold by Simple Garden CBD?

We sell both full spectrum and isolate CBD products. Full spectrum CBD products made from hemp plants contain all of the essential compounds found in the plant. This includes minimal amounts of THC. Legally speaking, CBD products cannot contain over 0.3% THC. As such, Full Spectrum tinctures contain very little THC, which isn’t enough to cause a person to feel “high” or impaired. That being said, this marginal amount of THC could be detected in some stringent drug tests, which may adversely affect job applications or cause issues in any other situations where drug testing may be required. It is advised to be mindful of this when considering which CBD oil tincture to try.


Do I Need to Have a Prescription to Purchase CBD Oil Tinctures from Simple Garden CBD?

All of our CBD products, including the oil-based tinctures, are available to buy without a prescription in the United States. That being said, it is a good idea to consult your doctor if you are considering adding CBD to your existing wellness program.


What Distinguishes Isolate, Broad Spectrum, and Full Spectrum Products?

In brief, whereas Isolate CBD consists of just the CBD extraction, Full Spectrum CBD oil includes all of the compounds known as phytocannabinoids, and Broad Spectrum incorporates everything with THC being the only exception. Think of Broad Spectrum essentially as THC-free Full Spectrum.


How Are Hemp Oil & CBD Oil Different?

Hemp oil is also known as hempseed oil, which is pressed from the hemp plant’s seeds rather than the plant itself like CBD. These hemp seeds are devoid of cannabidiol (CBD). This being the case, it is important to evaluate product labels carefully to ensure that you’re getting what you truly want and need. Unfortunately, many consumers mistakenly confuse Hemp Oil with CBD Oil.


What is the Proper Dosage of CBD Oil?

Every person’s body is different, which means that CBD dosages will vary across individuals. Age, gender, and overall body composition all factor in. CBD dosing needs will ultimately differ from one another. To meet all of our customers’ needs, we offer 750mg Isolate CBD oil tinctures all the way up to 5000mg. The same applies to our Full Spectrum tinctures as well. All of our products are independently lab tested before being added to our retail shops or online stores.


What is the Duration of CBD Oil Tinctures’ Effects?

While each person comes up with their own CBD program, many people find it easiest to follow a consistent routine for CBD oil tincture consumption. Two doses may be proper for some users, one at night and one when they wake up in the morning. Others use tinctures in combination with other CBD products. Start with a small amount in the beginning, and then adjust as needed.

If you have any questions regarding our CBD Oil Tinctures, please do not hesitate to reach out to us online, or by phone at (866) 905-6097.


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