What is CBD for Pets?

Cannabidiol (CBD) can be used not only by humans, but by dogs, cats, and other pets as well. Pet CBD products, including tinctures and edible treats, are specially designed for animals with their health and wellness in mind.

How To Use

Most if not all Pet CBD Tinctures, including ours, come with a graduated dropper for accurate dosage measurements and flexibility in determining the size of each serving. One common way of administering the tincture is by using the dropper to dispense the liquid directly into pets’ mouths. These tinctures are designed with pleasing flavor profiles to increase the likelihood of pets taking the dosages without complaint. Owners of pets that do not do well with this particular method can also mix the tincture dosage in the pets’ favorite foods. With pet CBD edible treats, the animal would consume the treat as they would any other one.

Health Benefits of Pet CBD

Just as CBD provides a variety of invaluable health benefits for humans, such is also the case where pets are concerned. While research into the effects of CBD on animals is ongoing, it is thought that CBD provides an important boost for cardiovascular health, digestive health and immune health in general.

The anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing nature of CBD is also extremely useful for the approximately 20% of pets that will unfortunately experience arthritis or other joint-related issues as they age. In fact, with initial evidence that CBD can decelerate the progression of arthritis, pets can enjoy an active lifestyle for longer even as they get older.

When it comes to pets’ skin health, CBD can help support the development and subsequent maintenance of shiny, vibrant coats. CBD therefore assists pets in looking their best in addition to feeling their best.

Besides the physical health benefits, CBD has also shown to be useful for improving pets’ mental health as well. In particular, pet CBD can help reduce anxiety and promote an overall sense of calm. This is excellent news for owners whose pets experience separation anxiety as well as nervousness and discomfort from situations such as loud noise exposure, going to the vet or being around strangers.

Considerations When Purchasing CBD for Pets

Just as it’s important to choose the right foods for your pets that contain clean, healthy ingredients, so too is it vital to purchase pet CBD tinctures and edible products that are of the highest possible quality. At Simple Garden CBD, our pet tinctures are made with pure, potent CBD isolate as well as coconut-derived MCT Oil and All Natural Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil. Each of these components comes with a wealth of benefits, including heart healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.

While the quality of ingredients is a necessary consideration, so too is product potency. Like CBD for humans, pet CBD comes in various strengths. While not a hard-and-fast rule, larger breeds tend to be better suited for higher strength CBD products than their smaller counterparts. That being said, with each pet being different it’s advisable to start small and increase potency if and when appropriate. If you’re considering CBD for your pet, it’s also recommended to consult your veterinarian regarding the product ingredients and strength to help ensure that there are no contraindications or potential conflicts with prescribed medications.

Finding the Right CBD Brand for Your Pet

When it comes to picking a Pet CBD company to buy products from, it’s imperative to find one that is immensely knowledgeable, dependable, and truly dedicated to promoting the wellbeing of pets. At Simple Garden CBD, we firmly believe that pets are an integral part of the family that deserve to have the best level of care possible. That is why our Pet CBD Tinctures are independently lab tested for purity and potency and made from carefully selected, USA-sourced components. For full transparency, the laboratory analyses are clearly broken down and available for viewing on our lab results page. We currently have 750mg and 1500mg pet tinctures available, but will be adding additional options in the near future.

Our company is here to provide you and your pets with top-quality CBD products at competitive prices and with exceptional customer service. We’re confident that your pet will enjoy our products and yield great benefit from them. If you have any questions about our pet CBD, please do not hesitate to contact us online or call us toll-free at (866) 905-6097.

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