Interested in selling premium Simple Garden products in your store(s)? Please click here.

Interested in selling premium Simple Garden products in your store(s)? Please click here.

It is estimated that approximately 85 million American families have pets of some kind. Pets are often considered part of the family unit itself. People may intuitively recognize the healing qualities of pets even though it is not verbally discussed or consciously identified.

Simple Garden CBD understands how important pets can be to a happy and fulfilled life. This is why we took extra care when formulating and lab testing our CBD oil tinctures for pets.


Can My Pet Use CBD Oil?

The short answer is: Yes!  All animals, from cats to dogs, just like their human counterparts, are blessed with endocannabinoid systems. It is the endocannabinoid system that interacts with the cannabidiol (CBD). That being said, it is vital to check with your veterinarian first before adding any CBD products, tincture or otherwise, to your pet’s wellness regimen. It’s all about understanding your pet’s needs and how much CBD is best for them.


CBD for Cats

Simple Garden CBD loves pets, including cats! While your cat might be picky, we’re confident they will enjoy the wonderful flavors that our pet CBD oil has to offer. As cats are on the smaller side physically speaking, they’d likely be good candidates for the 750mg tincture as opposed to the 1500mg tincture.


CBD for Dogs

As with cats, dogs are another common type of pet that often use CBD oil. Whereas the 750mg tinctures would likely work well for smaller breeds, the 1500mg tinctures tend to be more appropriate for large breeds. The Wild Alaskan Salmon flavor included in the CBD oil tincture has been a hit with all types of dogs.


CBD for Pets

In addition to our CBD oil tinctures for pets, we also have 500mg full spectrum tinctures and 1000mg full spectrum tinctures in a wonderful savory bacon flavor.


Some Common Questions about Pet CBD Products

You will find below our complete FAQ regarding pet CBD products based on questions we receive regularly from customers. It is broken down into sections for dogs and cats.


All About CBD and Pets

What is the Difference Between CBD for Pets and CBD for Humans?

Pets and humans have endocannabinoid systems that interact with CBD. However, their diets differ significantly from ours. They are also smaller than we are, so they need less CBD than the rest of us. These important factors are taken into consideration when CBD products are made for pets. Humans prefer natural or fruity flavors to beef and salmon, which are popular flavors in pet treats and tinctures.


What is the Best CBD for Pets?

Our pets are just like humans, unique in their own ways. Simple Garden CBD has taken the time to create exceptional CBD oil tinctures for your beloved pets, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best CBD pet products available.

We strongly recommend that you establish a daily routine once you have determined the best CBD program for your pet. This will help ensure your furry friend gets the most out of the pet CBD oil.


CBD and Dogs

What Amount of CBD Does My Dog Need?

Your dog’s weight is a critical determining factor in how much CBD they’ll need. As a guideline, you should aim for a dose between 0.5mg-1mg of CBD per pound. So for example: a 10-pound dog may start with a 5-10mg dose, while a 30-pound pet would need between 15-30mg. With the included dropper in the tincture bottle, you can regulate the dosage as needed.


About CBD and Cats

What Amount of CBD Does My Cat Need?

The amount of CBD that your cat needs will vary depending on its weight. However, you can use the same 0.5mg-1mg per pound measurement as for dogs.


How Do I Give CBD to My Finicky Cat?

While we love cats, we know how finicky and particular they can be. If your cat doesn’t allow you to drop the CBD oil into its mouth, you can also add it to their favorite treats or meals.

Do you have more questions about pet CBD oil? We invite you to either contact us online, or give us a call at (866) 905-6097. We can help you choose the right CBD for your pets, whether they are cats, dogs or something else.


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