5000mg CBD Tincture

$189.99 or $151.99 / month

(11 customer reviews)
  • 5000mg Isolate CBD Tincture w/ MCT oil
  • 30ml bottle with child-proof dropper
  • 167mg per serving
  • 30 day supply

These Highly Potent, Premium Tinctures are packed with 5000mg of Pure Isolate CBD and MCT oil. Using high quality hemp sourced from Northern California, Oregon, and Washington State, along with a state of the art Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction Method, you can expect a very clean, high quality product. We provide an All-Natural, THC-Free product that is independently Lab-Tested for purity and potency. You can enjoy all the wonderful health benefits of our amazing CBD oil, Worry-Free!

Available in Vanilla, Banana Nut, and Natural Flavor.

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Simple Garden Guarantee: Our products have been independently tested for purity and potency at one of the top laboratories in the country. With Simple Garden CBD, you’re getting quality and transparency you can trust.



For Best Results

  • To preserve product quality, avoid placing dropper directly on mouth & placing back into bottle
  • Lightly shake before each use
  • Place oil under tongue for 2-3 mins or longer – the longer the oil sits under the tongue, the higher the bioavailibilty
  • Take (2) .50ml doses back to back holding each dose for 2-3 mins, versus a single 1ml dose for 2-3 mins
  • Experiment with dose amounts and times to find what personally works best for you
  • Try taking CBD before bed to improve sleep, after workouts to reduce aches & inflammation, or first thing in the morning to start your day
  • Taking CBD daily is ideal for optimal results
  • Store product at room temperature out of direct sunlight

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11 reviews for 5000mg CBD Tincture

  1. Grace Patterson

    The Vanilla CBD tincture tastes so good! This product has really made a difference for me. I am able to sleep better at night and feel refreshed the next day.

  2. Noreen Borrelli

    I love this cbd tincture! Works great and it was very easy to order online.

  3. Mike Bauer

    I got the 5000mg CBD tincture and it is the best brand I have ever used!

  4. Ariana Sanchez

    Best CBD tincture! Works great! I bought the Vanilla flavor and it tastes incredible!

  5. Carla Lawrence

    I tried the Banana Nut flavor CBD tincture and I really love it. This product has been helping me with migraine relief and I have been so much more productive now.

  6. Allison Palmer

    I love this cbd tincture! It is absolutely the best cbd tincture I have ever used. I highly recommend giving this product a try.

  7. Sergio Fernandez

    This has helped me with relaxation and sleep. I feel refreshed the next day and have been more focused throughout the day.

  8. Andrew Diaz

    I ordered this product online and it was delivered fast. This is the best cbd tincture and it has really worked for me.

  9. Helen Clarke

    I’ve been using the Simple Garden CBD tincture for my arthritis and I have seen a huge difference. It has changed my life. I have been more active since using this product.

  10. Eric Graham

    This is great price for a quality product! It works amazing for easing pain and helping with sleep.

  11. Damon Williams

    I have been using this 5000mg cbd tincture for a couple months now and it has really been helping me with muscle pain relief.

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